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  • You are a masseur and looking for ideas and ways to deal with challenging situations or problems you encounter in your work?

  • Looking for new ways to design or expand your treatments?

  • You like to massage intuitively, but you want to know more precisely what you are doing, what else you could do and what you should not do?

  • You want a mini-workshop on a specific topic.

STAMBHA Holistic Massage

Basic Training

STAMBHA Holistic Massage is a massage method that approaches body, mind and spirit as a whole using all of our senses to perceive. Holistic here means that the massage therapist’s awareness includes all layers of the human being they are with.

So, we offer to work with the physical body as well as with the energetic field combining our knowledge and intuition, being present and mindful in our touch. Presence and mindful touch are the essence of all bodywork. Presence means being fully in the moment, focussed and compassionate, without prejudice and open to the result. Our goal is to empower the being we are with to meet their intrinsic healer. We approach that being with respect and love. STAMBHA Holistic Massage is based on welcoming people as they are; as a massage therapist we welcome them as a spiritual being and bow to the essence within them. We consider healing work as a path and a journey, not a destination. So we enjoy the trip together fully!

person in white shirt lying on bed
person in white shirt lying on bed
white and blue dragon figurine
white and blue dragon figurine

The Power of Touch - Energywork


Presence and mindful touch are arguably the essence of all body therapy work. Being fully in the moment - focused and compassionate, without judgment - helps us to refine our perception.

In this workshop we will focus our attention on the subtle, on the energy body. We will explore the energy field and create space with our hands where healing can happen. We want to empower our client:s to use this space of safety that we offer for self-healing.

That's what you'll find in this course:

  • Going into stillness: simple meditation and breathing exercises to stay centered and grounded.

  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras and the Elements.

  • Yoga Nidra: visualization of the energy centers.

  • How to perform intuitive energetic treatments.

  • Discover your ability to perceive the energy body.

  • How to integrate energy work into your existing therapeutic practice.

two human palms
two human palms

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