Holistic Medical Massage

Sitting for long periods of time, little or monotonous movement, incorrect posture and strain, but also injuries or stress can settle in the body in the form of tension.

Massage relaxes muscles, activates the immune system, reduces stress hormones and supports lymphatic flow. Massage has an analgesic, antidepressant and calming effect on the nervous system.

My touch is mindful, deep and soothing. I work purposefully with slow flowing strokes, passive stretches, joint movements and deep structural work on the fascia.

Holistic massage means that in my treatments I include your physical body as well as your energetic, emotional and mental body.

Over the years I have learned that by being present in my touch, space can be created where change becomes possible, stagnant energy can come into flow and balance.

Come as you are. I am happy to welcome you with my utmost respect.