Mindfulness - Relaxation - Meditation


Yoga Nidra: Heartcenter - Anahata Chakra

You need 30 minutes of time in an undisturbed place. Lie comfortably on your back on a mat or blanket and follow my voice.

This meditation is extremely restorative and relaxing. In this Yoga Nidra exercise you go to your heart center, the 4th chakra.

(German spoken)

Being with what is

Being with reality requires practice because our minds are used to paying much more attention to what we like and/or dislike. Preferences play a strong role not only in our decision making, but also in what we perceive.

This exercise leads you into a state of open, present awareness that includes everything and excludes nothing. You need five minutes of time and an undisturbed place. You can sit, lie down or stand. If possible, do not use headphones.

(German spoken)

Wave breathing

A calming, centering breathing exercise.

You need ten minutes of time and an undisturbed place. Sit on a cushion or chair and follow my voice.

(German spoken)