The Power of Touch - Energywork

Presence and mindful touch are arguably the essence of all body therapy work. Being fully in the moment - focused and compassionate, without judgment - helps us to refine our perception.

"It's all about perception. Perceptual skills are the foundation for this work. Presence, contact, grounding and the quality of the space you hold are essential to success.... The purpose of this work is not to release limitations or work through issues, but to release the health that is in the limitation."

- Franklyn Sills

Discover the power of mindful and present touch.

In this course we will focus our attention on the subtle, on the energy body. We will explore the energy field and create space with our hands where healing can happen. We want to empower our client:s to use this space of safety that we offer for self-healing.

Going into stillness: Simple exercises to stay centered and grounded.

Over the years I have learned to use multiple senses to access the body and work with a person's energetic field. I have learned that doing less and allowing more is often more effective.

Subtle Anatomy: Chakras and the Elements.

The system of chakras offers a structure and an access to the energy field. The training of your perception leads you further to intuitive work.

We will train our perception through simple exercises and visualizations. We will explore the subtle anatomy, the energy fields, the chakras in ourselves and in others.

This course will help you work more holistically while providing you with tools for personal growth.

How to integrate energy work into your practice.

This workshop is open to anyone interested. No previous experience is required.

If you are already working as a massage therapist, working with the energy field provides you with additional tools and will enrich and expand your work by utilizing the interaction between the physical and energetic bodies.

Explore your ability to perceive the energy body.

If you are rediscovering bodywork, this class will show you an easy way to access the energy field and learn a simple way to work with it.

2. - 3. March 2024 - Bodyfeet Rapperswil, Switzerland

11. - 12. July 2024 - Bodyfeet Aarau, Switzerland

14. - 15. October 2024 - Bodyfeet Thun, Switzerland